Does Your Backup Monitor Look Like This?

Boring and Outdated?



Well, It Can Look Like This!!......


'Rear View' Auto Preset

'Hitch View' Auto Preset

Using the remote control mounted on your dash, a push of the button(s)
will make the camera look virtually anywhere you tell it to, just like 
you see above. Blind spots are a thing of the past!!

         Hmmm, let's see. Hitching operations done accurately every time, simply and unassisted. Being able to check traffic 180 degrees in both directions with a touch of the controls before backing out into the street. Or looking in every direction before backing into a parking spot. Can your back up camera do that?

         How about driving down the road and being able to push a pre-programmed button to look down to see if your hitch connections are OK, or to see if your tail lights and brake lights all work, or to see if everything looks good in the boat or car you're towing. Or, if you have a Multi-View™ system, capable of unlimited multiple cameras (pan and tilt and/or stationary), being able to access any camera instantly from a master control panel, including the pan and tilt unit on the back of the trailer you pull, as well as the additional stationary cameras you may have inside the trailer, and/or the side mirrors or nosecams. If you're towing horses, equipment or livestock and you have the Total Vision® EQ option, a push of the button on the keypad gives you instant live audio/visual of your animals or cargo while you're driving. Convenience, safety, and peace of mind. Hallmarks of all Total Vision® Systems.


          The dash mounted, water resistant remote control panel uses Braille-like technology to allow you  

to operate the controls without having to look at them.


Total Vision® Features




Rugged solid state microprocessor controller features Dynamic Braking™ and DSP™ digital logic, and easy programming for consistent, dependable operation under all driving and temperature conditions.

Camera position (LED) indicators with automatic dimming for night driving.

Camera swivels a full *180 degrees in all directions - *the perfect spotter!
* Vertical is usually adjusted to about 115 degrees, high enough to see about 6 feet above your vehicle's roof at a distance of about 10 feet from the camera.
                                                    * Total Vision Products highly recommends the use of spotters when backing up – Safety First!

Compatible with our various Multi-View™ systems, and Total Vision® EQ horse monitoring systems. Hook up an unlimited number of pan and tilts and/or stationary cameras on the same vehicle, RV's, big rigs, towables. Call us for details.


All range limits easily programmable. Put the stops where you want them.

Rear View Mirror' and 'Hitch View' programmable presets.

Camera automatically centers itself at the push of a button.

All components carry a 12,000 mile / 1 year warranty.

As always, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Easily programmable pan and tilt speeds

Dual pan and tilt capable.

Auto-Reverse on.

Anti-fog system.





                              Liberty Elegant Lady #5069 45' XLII With Total Vision® Pan & Tilt System.


The pricing below is MSRP. Please contact your local Total Vision® Dealer, listed below, for sale pricing. Thank you. 
*MSRP of the color system with out monitor is $1895 plus installation. Please contact your local Total Vision® Dealer, listed below, for sale pricing. Thank you.

Installation: Contact the dealer near you for an installation estimate to give your coach the most advanced rear vision system on the market....  Total Vision®!!!

Total Vision® Pan And Tilt Back-up Cameras Are Now Available As Factory Equipment From These Fine Converters, Manufacturers And Dealers


*Liberty Coach, North Chicago, Illinois

(800) 332-9877 Frank Konigseder Jr.


Newell Coach, Miami, Oklahoma

  (918) 542-5582 Boyd Vanover

*Liberty Coach, Stuart, Florida

(800) 554-9877 Troy Moody


 Newmar Corp, Nappanee, Indiana

 Customer Service (800) 731-8300

*Millennium Coach Works, Sanford, Florida

  (407) 328-0190 Tammy


 Foretravel MotorCoach, Nacogdoches, Texas

(936) 564-8367 James Trianna

*Amadas Coach, Suffolk, Virginia

  (888) 761-0999 Brendan White


 Jayco Motorized, Middlebury, Indiana

 (800) 517-9137

*Featherlite Luxury Coaches, Suffolk, Virginia

  (888) 761-0999 Brendan White


Prevost Car, Quebec, Canada

(418) 554-0355 Stephanie Lord

*Superior Coach Interiors, Lebanon, Tennessee

(615) 466-2000, Mike


Leisure Tyme RV, Pensacola, Florida

 (850) 473-9922 Pete Shumaker

*Innovative Coach Works Wichita, Kansas

(316) 393-0033 Ron Hawkins


Consignment Specialties, Phoenix, Arizona

(623) 544-0748 James Bedwell

*Donnie Myers' RV, Sanford, Florida

(407) 323-2367 Donnie Myers


Western Motor Coach, Fife, Washington

 (253) 922-2225 Don Morris

*Coach Worx - Clearwater, Florida

  (727) 571-1133 Ben Cummings


 Sandy's RV, Tucson, Arizona

 (520) 884-8866 Marion or Tim

*Luxury Coach Service Rockwall Texas.

(927) 771-6200 Brandon Hulsey


La Mesa RV, Tucson, Arizona 

 (520) 807-7620 Ken Ward

*Florida Coach, Kissimmee, Florida

(407) 846-2782 John Sizemore


Quality Coach Service, Coburg, Oregon

 (541) 343-1120 Jason

*Emerald Coach, Stephenville, Texas

254-968-5733 Mike Pendleton


MasterTech Custom Coach RV & Marine, Elkhart, Indiana

(866) 895-4556 Tim Klenk

*Premier Coach, Santa Ana, California

  (714) 259-7575 John Zahn


Gold Rush Trailer Sales, Denver, Pennsylvania

 (866) 478-7245 Phil Lankford

*Texas Custom Coach, Pipe Creek, Texas  

(830) 510-4224 Arlo Jones

Tradewinds RV, DeLand, Florida

(386) 624-2833 Keith Adams

*Buddy Gregg, Knoxville, Tennessee

 (800) 421-0031 Wayne


Moore Custom Trailer, Nappanee, Tennessee

(574) 773-4171 John Moore

* Desert West Coach Service,Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 340-8287 Kathy

Creative Coach Works, Lakeland, Florida

(863) 984-3439, Craig Breaman

*Excalibur Coach, Sanford, FL  

(407) 302-9139 Doug Stolfo 

 Motorhomes of Texas, Nacogdoches, Texas

(800) 651-1112 Bruce Oliver

* East Tennessee Luxury Coach, Venore, Tennessee

(423) 884-6008 Jeff


Trawick Luxury Coaches, Hurst, Texas  

(817) 354-0700 Chris

Lazy Days RV, Tucson, Arizona

(800) 306-4011  

National Indoor RV, Lewisville, Texas

(469) 277-1330 Tim Cave

* Prevost Converters


ICF US Motorhomes GmbH
An der Bundesstr. 3 / Nr. 9
D - 79312 Emmendingen-MundingenCF US Motorhomes GmbH

WildMog, Lille, Belgium 2275 - Luxury Off Road RV    
+32 14 880 217 Walter De Schutter -    

Westgate RV, Kelowna, BC

 250-769-4525 Rodger Davies



When you go shopping for your next coach or back-up camera, ask your Bus Converter, RV Manufacturer, or RV Dealer.... 

Do You Have Total Vision®?



2009 Liberty Elegant Lady H3-45 Double Slide With Total Vision® System 


                2009 Parliament XLII With Total Vision® System


Dealer Inquiries Invited

Please Contact Rod @ 520-623-0790


Also check out our line of side cameras, nosecams, roof cameras and forward observation cameras, coming soon!


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      Chuck's 98 Mountainaire Diesel Before Total Vision®           With Total Vision® 



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   Rasoul's Rear Cap Before                                      With Total Vision® 

Photos below are of this 08 Outlaw, 7 camera installation. Note the nosecams just

below the windshield on either side.


Left mirrorcam imbedded in the support arm. Screen shot from left mirrorcam.


Left nosecam. Compact housing, giving a great view of the left front bumper area, shown above. Right nosecam covers the other side.


Interior cam installed

Total Vision® Pan and Tilt Camera Installed

Perfect Fit on the Panel

More to come


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